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# 102070

A River Ford - An Evening Out

by Jane Forth

11" x 15" x " | Watercolor | $950.00

Status: Available

Current Location: Wild Watercolor

I live close to a place where the river narrows and had become a ford – for crossing. This ford actually was a low cement bridge, sturdy but narrow which rose slightly above the water. From this vantage point one could see many things about the river including close ups of waterfowl especially blue heron, poised, catching fish in their long beaks. Then there were early-morning crossings with the sun’s reflections on the water - so close you felt you became part of this and the rising steam of the water, apparition-like, mysterious in muted color. There were the boaters, launching their kayaks, rowboats or canoes into early morning waters that were shaded in cool in summer. And one loan photographer I often saw there before dawn for this river has color, and ever-changing atmospheric mists For these reasons it often becomes a subject in my work but in this particular painting I thought of it as that narrow crossing and how it draws you to it and the old gristmills that may not have been on the river but on other waterways in these places. Their solid stone walls, a testament to a mighty agricultural history



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