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# 101836

Mountain Rivers

by Jane Forth

22" x 22" x " | Encaustic on Paper | $500.00

Status: Available

Current Location: Jane Forth Studio

I think of an imagined space where color is harmonious and open to interpretation whether as symbols or simply shapes suggesting mountains, still-life or a sunrise or sunset. The medium is water-soluble beeswax painted on watercolor paper. This process is archival and I like the unique qualities of this medium that allows for washes, thin transparent layers or applied with brush strokes that have a strong presence in the finished work. I work from my sketches which are actually paintings of the same size for this permits revision into an idea that I believe communicates more clearly to the viewer the intention of a harmonious vision. The landscape of mountains and rivers of my home is the place that is the beginning of painting for me. Ever-changing color, atmospheric and the intensity of nature as both rugged and a place of illusive tranquility is the subject of this work.



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