How I look at it…Within the compelling sights of nature is a beginning in painting. Whether carmine tipped redbud in spring, yellow of beech leaves in snow or the deep still greens of July, beauty is present. 


I often use colored pencils in noting landscape ideas –whether I am walking about or in my studio.  This is a way of remembering ideas, preparing to work and the ritual of setting up palette, brushes, and painting surface opens a stage for much else to happen.  Once painting, I let intuition transport creativity. 


In composing work, I often use flat shapes and color contrasts to suggest depth and atmosphere and allow the fluidity of either wax or watercolor to influence direction while working.  From one point of view there is little control over water or molten wax and this characteristic opens an avenue of accident and risk.   However, I think of this as the unpredictableand believe this quality expressive and inventive. Ultimately, my work becomes a process of revision of color and subject until I have a sense of rest and depth that I believe expresses completion. 


The landscape places I study have a familiar but refreshing way as light changes form  -- often highlighting subtleties of contour. Ever changing, atmospheric and dream-like, the land reflects a deep harmony and it is this presence that is the subject in my paintings. 



Jane Forth lives in rural Virginia and paints the landscape surrounding her home from study and imagination. Using encaustic painting medium of molten pigmented beeswax, her techniques of brushing, pouring and carving wax build translucent surfaces of color and depth. Within the process of working, Forth experiments with color. She paints an image, applies heat to fuse the wax and repaints wax layers in numerous succession to create translucent and luminous painted surface.  She works intuitively but with a critical eye in capturing and communicating the dreaminess and tranquility of the capacious vista of this landscape.


Forth has been exhibiting her work in the greater Washington DC area since 1975,after completing a BFA at the University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Currently she is a member of Middle Street Gallery, Washington, Virginia and frequently exhibits at the Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Fredericksburg, Virginia. Her encaustic paintings have been exhibited in New York, Santa Fe, New Mexico and Provincetown, Massachusetts.  Additionally, she is a member of the Central Virginia Watercolor Guild where she has exhibited watercolors at McGuffey Art Center in Charlottesville, Virginia. 

Selected Recent Exhibits:


Two Person

2019: Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Fredericksburg, VA            

2017: Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Fredericksburg, VA               

            Middle Street Gallery, Washington, VA

2016: Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Fredericksburg, VA



2018: Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, National Exhibit, Passages,

           Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, The Power of Red, First Place

2017: Atlantic Gallery, NYC, International Encaustic Artists

           Phoenix Gallery, NYC, Women’s Caucus for Art

           Museum of Encaustic Art, Santa Fe, NM, National 

           Central Virginia Watercolor Guild, McGuffey Art Center, Charlottesville, VA

2016:International Encaustic Conference, Truro, MA

           Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, National  Exhibit

           Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts; Regional Exhibit

 2015: Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, National Exhibit, Fredericksburg, VA, 

           Fredericksburg Center for the Creative Arts, Regional Exhibit, Fredericksburg VA, 

           Fresh AIR Gallery, Culpepper, VA; Best of the Piedmont

           Shenandoah Valley Art Center, Waynesboro, VA, New Watercolor

2014:  River District Arts, Sperryville, VA, Piedmont Artist Showcase



2018: Cooley Gallery, Leesburg, VA 

2016:Wohlfarth Gallery, Washington DC 

          Burrison Gallery, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia PA, 

          City Center, Charlottesville, VA;

          Shenandoah National Park Trust, Shenandoah National Park

          Fresh AIR  Gallery, Culpepper, VA 

2010 - 2015: Pyramid Atlantic, Silver Spring MD, Glenview Mansion Art Gallery, Rockville, MD; Sandy Spring Museum, Sandy Spring, MD, Frostburg State University, Frostburg MD 

Delaplaine Art Center, FrederickMD


Gallery Representation – Current: Middle Street Gallery, Washington VA; Sperryville Artist’s Cooperative, Sperryville VA; 2013-15River District Arts, Studio/Gallery, Sperryville VA


Professional Organizations:International Encaustic Artists; Encaustic Art Institute; Central Virginia Watercolor Guild, Women’s Caucus for Art


Collectors include: 


Mr. and Mrs. Ed St. John, Front Royal VA Ms. Cherl Crews, Casselton VA

Mr. John Sweat, Sperryville VA

Mrs. Constance Vest, Culpeper VA 

Mr. and Mrs. Hockheimer, Spotsylvania VA 

Mr. Matthew Egeli, Fishersville VA; 

Ms. Janet Eden, Charlottesville VA; 

Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Fuller, MD 

Mr. Jay Fagen, Rockford MI; 


Education: 1971- BFA University of Pennsylvania and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts

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