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# 101966

Evening Garden

by Jane Forth

12" x 9" x 1.5" | Beeswax, Cold Wax, Gold Leaf | $460.00

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Usually I work with a process of heated pigmented beeswax that relies on the building of a surface as a way of defining a subject, or creating a luminous painting. However in this painting I did something very different in using a colored ground and with a palette knife worked with cold wax, a medium of pigmented saponified beeswax, mineral oil and other waxes. This is a unique formulation whereby the beeswax has been chemically altered to remain liquid at room temperature and with the addition of mineral oil has a painting viscosity. I had applied a tinted gesso (primer) to the panel, once dry sealed this with encaustic medium (heated beeswax and resin), fused this coating and then with a palette knife worked with cold wax as well as added gold leaf.



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